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   Vet on the Net is the original reason I came to Keenspace. This comic reworked all the characters from Ernie and Friends and placed them into a vet setting. Our intrepid hero, Yooki, of course ran the place with his un-named girlfriend and many others. This comic was updated three times a week, and started full color but evolved into a four panel black-and-white gag strip, before it teetered into nothing. I achieved a fare amount of popularity in the community for this comic, leading to a fare amount of guest comics, but it was far too short-lived to come to anything big.
   The archives are provided in full for this comic. Looking back on these, I think it was written pretty funny, but the drawings make me cringe. I hope you enjoy!

The Vetacular Vet wishes to thank the keentastic Keenspace for it's generous donations.
Pretty pictures drawn by Michael.