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   The Adventures of Yooki (orignally named Those Yooki Comix) was drawn back in middle school. It chronicled Yooki and his quest-hungry sidekick who took the world on one page at a time. Along the way they met up with various other cast member, who would not infrequently meet an hilarious death, causing the whole cast to quest for an Orb O' Life. Much of the character's time was spent searching for an Orb O' Life.
   My brother and I started these comics not because we liked to draw, nor for a real love of comics, but simply out of boredom. Art was never anything we were interested in. From these comics, however, we developed a love for it, and art has now become my passion. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Adventures of Yooki, but to the outside viewer it is just full of inside jokes and nonsense drawings. For this reason I won't scan all 100 comics, but will rather offer a "best of" selection.
   Check this place out. This is where it all began!

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Pretty pictures drawn by Michael.