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   Ernie and Friends was my first serious attempt at a comic. At the time my major inspirations were Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield, so these are very similar, but drawn much more poorly. When I knew I wanted to make some characters for this I grabbed some of my own, along with Ernie, whom I found out about from a friend named Erin. She had created Ernie for her own amusement, but I wanted to draw a comic for her.
   This was a long time ago., Before Keenspace was even around. I thought I was creating something new by putting comics online. After a while some characters from the Yooki Adventures snuck in. and that was that.
   These are dated and old, but I collected as much as I could find anyway. There were about 200, but I could only find around 30. I still sort of like the charm and innocence behind these, but the art... Well, you be the judge. 

Early Comics Holiday Strips Later Comics
-Color Intro Comics
   01, 02, 03, 04,
   05, 06, 07, 08

-Yooki Loves Ernie
   09, 10

-Roy's Introduction
   12, 13, 14

-Ernie is Potty Trained
   20, 21

-Change of Clothes
   22, 23

-Gag Strips
   18, 19, 24, 25,

   15, 16, 17

   27, 28, 29, 30
   31, 32, 33, 

-Bubble Wrap

   35, 36


The Vetacular Vet wishes to thank the keentastic Keenspace for it's generous donations.
Pretty pictures drawn by Michael.