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   Ernie and Friends was my first serious attempt at a comic. At the time my major inspirations were Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield, so these are very similar, but drawn much more poorly. When I knew I wanted to make some characters for this I grabbed some of my own, along with Ernie, whom I found out about from a friend named Erin. She had created Ernie for her own amusement, but I wanted to draw a comic for her.
   This was a long time ago., Before Keenspace was even around. I thought I was creating something new by putting comics online. After a while some characters from the Yooki Adventures snuck in. and that was that.
   These are dated and old, but I collected as much as I could find anyway. There were about 200, but I could only find around 30. I still sort of like the charm and innocence behind these, but the art... Well, you be the judge. 

The Vetacular Vet wishes to thank the keentastic Keenspace for it's generous donations.
Pretty pictures drawn by Michael.